Cottages for rent price per night per person -Torp att hyra pris per natt per person


East cottage  


Max 5 people

2 single bed ,  1 double bed ,  1 bed in hall 

shower/ toilet , kitchen


390 kr per / person/ night  inkl. bedlinnen and towel  extra charge  200 kr cleaning fee per booking


Important information :  Minimum 2 people

                                              ( single person pays for 2 ) 

                                         Max stay : 4 nights  

                                           (unless approved in advance)

House rules:             No smoking, no parties ,no pets,

                                   no shoes inside house

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West cottage

Max 6 people
6 single beds,kitchen
outside old fashioned toilet 
fully enclosed outside shower with glass roof 

390 kr per / person/ night inkl. bedlinnen and towel

plus 200 kr cleaning charge per booking

Important information :  Minimum 2 people 

                                          ( 1 person pay for 2)


                                          Max 4 nights

                                           (unless approved in advance)

House rules:  

      no smoking , no party`s, no pets , no shoes inside

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